Nick Fryars - making complex challenges actionable through fact-based insight

Nick Fryars

Zebra Management Consulting makes complex challenges actionable through fact-based insight. We are a small international strategy and business consulting firm operating from Weesp and London. Our aim is to improve clients’ business performance while growing their own staff’s capabilities. This may involve consulting, training, coaching and interim management.

We leverage business insights gained in many branches of industry. Our experience base includes heavily regulated high technology sectors such as healthcare, aerospace, telecommunications, railways and shipbuilding.

These insights often provide great value in sectors undergoing major change, for example:

We offer our clients expertise normally associated with leading international consultancies, but at substantially lower cost and with greater flexibility.

Zebra was founded by Nick Fryars in 2002. Previous to Zebra, Nick was a founder member of PA Consulting Group‘s Strategy and Marketing practice, where he led strategy and profitability improvement projects.

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  1. “Without data, you are just another person with an opinion” W. Edwards Deming

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