Business Performance and Structure


We help business leaders improve business performance and adapt their business to changing circumstances. This may need a radical restructuring, stepwise development over a substantial time period, or introducing methods for continuous improvement.

Services we deliver include:

  1. Cost structure improvement: using challenges to create a healthier business and not simply cutting cost across the board.
  2. Target Operating Model development: designing the shape of (part of) a business to meet a specific need (shared service center, make/buy decision etc.).
  3. Planning for rapid growth and change: identifying and planning the development or restructuring of capabilities, resources and financing, usually in a series of steps; this often involves determining how to keep options open so as to minimise risk.
  4. Turnaround strategy development: finding a realistic approach to deliver structural improvement within an underperforming business in a short timeframe.
  5. Management Information Improvement: determining what information is needed to steer a situation effectively.

We can also deliver these services as part of a One Page Strategic Plan process that takes a management team on a structured journey from a set of challenges to a program of projects to reach one or more strategic goals.