Program Delivery


No strategy, approach or plan has any worth without the ability to deliver it. We offer several services to help business leaders deliver change:

  1. One Page Strategic Plan: a stepwise, outward-in approach that reveals what is needed to deliver the chosen strategy and turns this into a program of change projects.
  2. Project and Program Scoping and Phasing: determining scope and especially what not to do are key to success. We use special team sessions and tools to agree scope and determine optimal phasing. Supporting actions can include scenario modelling plus risk and sensitivity analysis.
  3. Compliance Management and Employee Consultation: any major change is probably subject to regulatory constraints (e.g. personal data protection) and employee consultation. These may need different ‘messaging’ to that used for senior stakeholders and investors. We find the ‘way through the woods’, obtaining necessary approvals and giving workforce representatives the clarity they need.
  4. Program Review and Monitoring: we help business leaders counter the ‘drift’ common to major change initiatives by conducting periodic or on demand external reviews. These may include confidential assessments and reporting to senior sponsors or the Board.