Technology Migration


Migrating business operations to a new technology always carries risk. The same questions crop up in almost any migration, whether it is IT, power technology or complex process manufacturing:

  1. Do we migrate in a ‘big bang’ or in stages?
  2. If in stages, how do the ‘new world’ and the ‘old world’ interact, and how do we manage interactions with their environment?
  3. Can we roll back to the ‘old world’ if something goes wrong?
  4. What scenarios are there, what will they cost and what are the risks?

We help business leaders devise robust migration approaches. Case histories include:

  1. Rollout of a new ERP system within an engineering company operating in several European countries.
  2. Migration of a national rail system from a legacy train protection system to ERTMS Level 2.
  3. Upgrading of a traction power network to deliver much greater power per train.