Feb 222012

Our clients are often individuals faced with a new challenge. This may be a new role, a change in responsibilities or an unfamiliar set of circumstances. Their organization may face a major issue such as a market discontinuity or new ownership, ‘trouble’ in the shape of a new market entrant or a foundering project, or may simply need to improve its performance.

Zebra provides coaching to individual leaders and to teams aimed at:

  • Articulating and scoping the challenge (“what is my problem; what is not my problem?”);
  • Determining how to approach the challenge: delivering results, phasing, style etc.;
  • Supporting and managing the execution of the approach;
  • Evaluating the results and adjusting as needed.

In an individual business coaching role the consultant is usually largely ‘invisible’ to the organization; in a team coaching role the consultant often also acts as facilitator of the group process.

Our coaching insights are derived from many sectors and settings. They include enterprises serving business markets, manufacturing, complex supply chains, process and energy industries, software and service companies, financial institutions, telecommunications, transport operators and infrastructure managers.

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