Mar 012016

Confidential cllientThe Bank needed to replace its core Peoplesoft HR system, which had been in use for many years and was heavily customised. A set of SaaS solutions including Workday, beqom and SabaCloud was chosen, in line with the Bank’s IT policy to focus more on core banking systems and less on support functions such as HR. A multi-year global program was established to perform the system replacement; the program was also tasked with delivering process improvements and hence structural cost reductions leveraging the new systems, which would result in the third iteration of a shared service based delivery model.

Nick led two program workstreams:

  1. Core HR: Delivered redesigned core HR processes based on Workday functionality and several other supporting systems as part of a transition from a Peoplesoft/Oracle based environment.
  2. Compliance & Control: Delivered data protection and regulatory compliance across 55 countries. This included devising new, robust and traceable approaches to HR risk management and controls, and to compliance in the area of cross-border data access and transfer.

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