Strategy and Value Propositions


We offer a range of services to support business leaders facing strategic challenges. Our aim is always to cut complexity where this can be done. Services include:

  1. Issue Analysis and Problem Scoping: breaking down a major challenge into questions to answer through targeted actions. The results of the actions are then used to define a strategic direction.
  2. Business Feasibility Exploration: a lean approach to determining whether a business idea is practical, using the popular Business Model Canvas framework combined with selective market testing.
  3. Value Proposition Development: determining what benefits a product or service must offer to deliver value to customers in one or more market segments.
  4. Business Planning: describing for a given time horizon what a business must do, how it will do that and with which resources, what financial outcomes to expect and how it will manage risks.
  5. Business Coaching for individuals and teams.

If required, we can bring these services together in a One Page Strategic Plan process that takes a management team on a structured journey from a set of challenges to a program of projects to reach one or more strategic goals.